Reflections of the Week – Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Wow, what a week. Sometimes we wonder how we cram so much music and friendship into our weeks.  Makes for sleepy mornings and long work days, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friday night we found ourselves in Newport, KY performing with John Clay & The Boxwine Prophets for HagFest at Southgate House Revival. Always love playing with those guys.  John Clay shared a few original tunes and of course his favorite Merle Haggard song. You can see the full performance here.

We spent the weekend recovering and then on Sunday, got to hear Alanna Fugate perform The Early Service at Mellwood Tavern with The Boxwine Prophets.

Tuesday April 10th our Guest Speaker was Ankur Gopal, CEO of Interapt.  Ankur shared his story of rising through the levels of Stand UP entertainment and his favorite band, Rush. We always find it interesting how synchronicities occur … meeting Ankur felt like a divine alignment.  Genius Loves Company has been working on an idea to help recruit Musicians from outlying counties in eastern Kentucky to create a workforce that would help bridge the Tech Gap in the Greater Louisville Cities region.  Ankur’s company has started a 33-week coding academy, TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY), will teach students to build and support mobile applications running on iOS and Android devices. 

(Note the 33) <– Our closest friends know what a geek we are for the number 33.  We followed up on Thursday morning to see how we can collaborate on this idea… stay tuned for MORE to come!

After Music Tech – the Crosley Music Showcase featured Tim Delonjay.  What an incredible songwriter with a deep soulful voice to boot.

I had the pleasure of joining The Boxwine Prophets on Tim’s song: Knights of Columbus

Wednesday after work we ventured up to Austin, Indiana where the band got together for our ONE AND ONLY practice with the Cummins Engine guys for the Music Tech Corporate MASH-UP on Tuesday April 17th.  It’s a rare occasion when musical strangers can get together and run a set list from start to finish, with only one or two stops, and excellent execution.  Well, we say strangers, turns out Greg Gaddis (UPS) has been knowing these guys since grade school, it was Desiree who was the stranger.  We will be running the set list pasted below with the Cummins Engine and UPS Corporate MASH-UP band.


Our Guest Speaker for Music Tech next week is, David Carty from Data Strategy sharing Trends in Collaboration. David is also a musician with a strong Infrastructure Architecture background working in the collaboration space for the last several years.   Data Strategy has been a tremendous partner with Music Tech and are looking to put together their own band and record a song or two!  Stay tuned more to come from the Data Strategy Band!


Enjoy the weekend and look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday at The Levee!!

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