Tonight 3rd Street Dive – Tomorrow Thunder & Wedding festivities!

Looking back on this week as I sit here on this gorgeous (promising to be spring soon) Friday evening.  Gearing up for Earl Guthrie & The Boxwine Prophets show tonight at 3rd Street Dive.

You know, this is one of the greatest albums that you really need to hear.  One of the greatest things is that this band delivers LIVE.

If you’ve missed his recent shows at The Levee and Goodwood recently, tonight is another opportunity to hear Earl and the boys open for Dirty Church Revival.  <– Which, if you haven’t seen these guys yet, well, I just don’t know what to tell you.

Here’s a little taste video below…and I mean little.  Only difference, Bass player is now one tasty long haired hippy. 

He likes to torture the other half of the rhythm section with his photoshop skills.

We do love Erik so much.

We’re in for a musical treat tonight, for real. Third Street Dive – we’ll be there around 8:30 PM and most likely close the place down with the only church revival we’ll ever attend.

Hoping for some continued beautiful weather tomorrow for Thunder Over Louisville festivities.  We hope to spend some time at the air show, then off to a highly cherished and long anticipated event, to honor and celebrate with another Phenomenal Woman, Pam Michell Smith and her new Husband Bill.

Looking ahead, Tuesday at the Levee – music, inspiration and more music 5-10PM.

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